best manufacturers cheap price cnc laser cutting machine

Best Manufacturers Cheap price CNC laser cutting machine


Cutting Area:3000mm x 1500mm
Cutting Speed:0~20m/min
Graphic Format Supported:AI, PLT, DXF, BMP, DST, DWG, LAS, DXP, IGF
Application:Laser Cutting
Cutting Thickness:0~20mm
CNC or Not:Yes
Cooling Mode:Water Cooling
Control Software:CYPCUT
Place of Origin:Anhui China (Mainland)
Certification:CE, ISO, SGS
Warranty:2 Years, 2 Years
Key word:laser machine 6040
Table Travels:3050x1525x190mm
Max. speed:120m/min
Max. ACC.:1.7g
Mechanical accuracy:0.03mm/m
Mechanical repetition:0.01mm/m
Load capacity:700kg
Overal system weight:11000kg (including pallet exchange)

Product Description

Introduction:Metal Laser Cutting Machine integrates optical, mechanical and electrical in one, which adopts laser technology, computer control technology and high-performance CNC laser power system to process all kinds of metal sheet at high speed, high accurate and high efficiently cutting. Its products have smooth edge, small kerf width and little heat effect. It can cut the shape of circle, triangle, octagonal etc on metal sheet or pipe

Best Manufacturers Cheap price CNC laser cutting machine


1.High quality laser beam, perfect focus point, precise cutting line, high efficiency.
2.High speed laser cutting, twice faster than CO2 laser cutting.
3.High reliable performance, adopted with leading fiber technology in the world, the 4.key component could used for more than 100000 hrs.
5.Low consumption in power supply.
6.Free maintenance.
7.Easy operation.
8.Fiber cable delivery, more flexible for integration.


Applicable Industry:

This machine is widely used in aerospace, automotive, ship buliding, machinery manufacturing, elevator manufacturing, advertising production, household appliances manufacturing, medical devices, hardware, decoration, metal processing services, and other manufacturing industries.


Applicable Materials:

This machine is suitable for metal materials such as stainless steel, carbon steel, alloy steel, silicon steel, galvanized steel, nickel titanium alloy, chromium nickel iron alloy, titanium alloy and etc.


Sample show:

Best Manufacturers Cheap price CNC laser cutting machine


Q:How was the machine guarantee?
A: We offer you 12 months guarantee


Q:If machine have problem with the guarantee, how to fix this problem?
A:We have the after-sale department, machine have the problem, we will fix it through from the internet.
We check with you by internet face to face, then if machine part have problem, we exchange the new parts of you , and help, to install it.


Q; How can i use the machine , if i am the new buyer?
A:We can teach you in the factory face to face , it only take you two days to learn the using. if you have no time, need to come back learn we have the English manual book and working video step by step, we can also teach you through whatsapp or Skype.


Q: How do you control your quality?
A: Before we ship our machine to another country, we will test it well,let it go through every of the corner check the accuracy.


Q: If the problematic machine can not be fixed well through Internet and phonetic?
A: In the first year, the seller will only charge the buyer the visa, traveling and accommodation fee in case the buyer needs the seller's engineer to perform necessary repair and maintenance works for the laser machine and chiller in the buyer's factory.