Quality Control

1. Target

Ensure the quality of products meet the quality requirements of customers, laws and regulations, such as applicability, reliability and safety.

2. Range

It involves all aspects of the whole process of product quality, such as design process, procurement process, production process, installation process and so on.

3. Content

Including operation technology and activities, that is, including professional technology and management technology in two areas

Around the product quality to form all aspects of the whole process,To control the quality of work people, machine, material, law, ring five factors to control,And the quality of the activities of the results were phased verification,In order to find out the problems in time and take corresponding measures,Prevent repeated failures,Minimize the loss as much as possible.Therefore, quality control should implement the principle of combining prevention with inspection.

4. Method

To determine what type of inspection method should be used at each quality control point?. Test methods are divided into: count test and quantitative test.

Count check
It tests the discrete variables such as the number of defects and the rate of nonconformity;

Quantitative inspection
It is a measure of continuous variables such as length, height, weight, strength, etc.. In the process of production quality control, we should consider what kind of control charts are used: discrete variables are counted by counting, continuous variables are used as control charts.

The 7 steps of quality control are cited
(1). Select control object;
(2). Select the quality characteristic values that need to be monitored;
(3). Define specifications and specify quality characteristics;
(4). Selected can accurately measure the characteristics, it is worth monitoring instruments, or self-made testing means;
(5). do actual test and record data;
(6). Analyze the reasons for the differences between the actual and the specifications;
(7). Take corresponding corrective actions.

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