Since 1988,sheet metal working machine.

  • 1988 Mr.ZhengHai Li founded Huarui Machinery production machinery cutting machine Q11 series.
  • 2009 Mr.Cameron Lee creates ACCURL brand.Producing hydraulic press WC67Y series
    Hydraulic shearing machine QC12Y series.
  • 2011 With the American Mr, Mr. Matt founded the AccurlUSA USA branch, Accurl.us .In the same year, we established the European R & D center in Poland with Accurl Poland branch.Research and development of hydraulic press bending machine MB7 series / hydraulic shearing machine MS7 series.
  • 2013 To Europe and North America market introduction of German standard bending machine MB7 series
    Shearing machine, MS7 series CNC bending machine, MB8 series Exports amounted to $4 million.
  • 2014 The creation of a Sino foreign joint venture: Hako machine Cooperation with German Knuth Working with Israeli partners to reach the Accurl Israel Sales Office.
  • 2015 Formal cooperation with the German Knuth, the company sales of Europe reached 35%, North America reached 40%, the brand division of the European market, the completion of invention patents 3, 12 new patents.
  • 2016 Together with AccurlUSA and Accurl Poland, we have developed a new series of bending machines:
    Smart-Fab series economical 3 axle bending machine
    Euro Pro B series high performance 4-6 axle bending machine
    Euro Pro S series full electric servo 6-8 axle bending machine
  • 2017 Complete the following new configuration products on the market:
    • Fiber, Laser, Cutting, Machine
    • AP01 + AP02, CNC, Sheet, Follower, Suport
    • 5-axis, CNC, Backgauge, with, X, R, X2, Z1, Z2
    • 6-axis, CNC, Backgauge, with, X1, X2, R1, R2, Z1, Z2