gold silver cnc fiber laser cutting machines price with 3 years warranty 1000W

Gold Silver Cnc Fiber Laser Cutting Machines Price With 3 Years Warranty 1000W


Cutting Area:1500*3000mm, 3000*1500mm
Cutting Speed:0-40000mm/min, 30m/min
Graphic Format Supported:AI, BMP, DST, DWG, DXF, DXP, LAS, PLT, AI, BMP, DST, DWG, DXF, DXP, LAS, PLT, Other
ApplicationLaser Cutting, Laser Cutting
Cutting Thickness:0-20mm, 10mm
CNC or Not:Yes
Cooling Mode:Water CoolingControl Software:
Place of Origin:Anhui, China (Mainland)
Certification:CE, ISO, CEWarranty:
1 YearLaser source:
IPG Optional


Gold Silver Cnc Fiber Laser Cutting Machines Price With 3 Years Warranty 1000W

Machine Bed

The stability and precision of the bed of laser cutting machine directly affect the stability of cutting precision and cutting precision. It is essential for laser cutting machines.

Our bed with industry-leading plate welding, with high rigidity, stability, shock resistance. And perfect cooling, lubrication, dust removal system, so that the whole operation is stable, efficient and durable.

Machine Feature

The bed with steel plate welding method, annealing to eliminate the internal stress after processing, the process for the welding → annealing stress → roughing → vibration aging → semi-finishing → vibration aging → finishing, a better solution Due to welding and processing of the stress generated, which greatly improved the stability of the machine, long time to maintain the accuracy of the machine. If these stress relief treatments are not carried out, the bed will be deformed or cracked after a certain period of time. Affect the cutting accuracy.
Bed surface and the rack surface with a large gantry milling finishing, to ensure that the linear guide and the straightness and flatness of the rack, so as to ensure the operation of the machine and cutting accuracy.
Welding plate body plate, we use 20mm thickness, to ensure the weight of the bed, in the machine under high-speed operation, long-term to ensure the stability of the laser machine and high precision.
On the side of the bed, we installed universal bearings (Universal Bearings), to facilitate customer loading and unloading, saving up and down time.
In the bed discharge area, we also installed a number of rollers, to facilitate customer loading and unloading, and for human nature, save time.

Machine Warranty

Laser power:

Two years warranty, Guaranteed by laser power manufacturer

Electronics and motion parts:

One year warranty, Guaranteed by parts manufacturer

Free Warranty Service:

We will send replacement parts on our cost first, keep customer's machine running is top concern.

If machine needs onsite service for quality issue, we send technician to anywhere on our cost. You may inquire any of our old international customers for reference!