3000w laser cutting machine price IPG 3kw fiber

3000w laser cutting machine Price IPG 3kw fiber


Cutting Area:1510*3100mm 1510*4100mm
Cutting Speed:35m/min
Graphic Format Supported:AI, DST, DWG, DXF, LAS, PLT
Application:Laser Cutting
Cutting Thickness:0-20mm
CNC or Not:Yes
Cooling Mode:Water Cooling
Control Software:Cypcut
Place of Origin:Anhui, China (Mainland)
Warranty:2 Years
Function:Cutting Metal Materials
Transmitting System:Gantry Dual Drive
Laser power:1000W / 2000W / 3000W/4000W
Automatical Exchange Flatbed:13s to finish loading and unloading


Automatic Double Exchange Flatbeds to Save the time of loading and unloading materials. Optical fiber laser cutting machine is equipped with the most advanced and imported fiber laser, which can output high energy intensive laser beam and focus on the workpiece surface and make the workpieces melting dissolves and gasification and automatically cut through numerical control system. It is high technology equipment that is perfectly intergraded by the most advanced optical fiber laser technology, numerical control technology, precision machinery technology

High rigidity machine flatbed body, exclusive high temperature nc electric donkey standard of annealing technology and annealing treatment, ensures the machine to keep precision for long time. Aluminum alloy crossbeam.

Design of Slide-door opening, fine integrating human being with the machine, space-saving.

High conversion efficiency and the conversion efficiency, 30% of conversion rate,

lower consumption and low running cost.

Built-in dual drive is imported original parts and servo motor with high precision and high speed

Design various graphics or text for instant cutting, operate simply, flexibly, conveniently

Shorten the loading time for automatic exchange and improve efficiency Edge-cutting quality smooth, small deformation.

Low energy consumption, energy conservation and environmental protection, the whole power consumption is very low, only 1/3-1/5 of the power consumption of YAG, and the cutting speed for thin plate more than 3 times that of YAG

No gas acts during laser is working and can be used to cut thin sheet in air

Fast cutting speed with multiple limit protection by the technology of flying perforation, sweeping cutting and common edge cutting. Very lower operating cost and lower cost investment.

Double exchange Flatbeds can shorten the loading and unloading time and free human being labor and provide more safety in production. Optimizing operation design can make worker to

do the worker easier and convenient. Suitable for a large batch prduction.


Cut variety of sheet metals and tubes. Fast cutting for such as like stainless steel, carbon steel, galvanized metal sheet, electrolytic plate, copper plate, aluminum plate, manganese steel, various metal sheet, rare metal materials.

Widely used in Electric power, automobile manufacturing, mechanical equipment, electrical equipment, hotel kitchen equipment, elevator equipment, advertisement board, car decoration, sheet metal production, lighting hardware, display equipment, precision parts, hardware products and other industries.

Technical Parameters:

X/Y axis positioning accuracy:             ±0.05mm/m

X/Y axis repositioning accuracy:          ±0.03mm/m

X/Y axis maximum positioning speed: 80m/min